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Parker Randall
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Parker Randall is a provider of assurance, tax consulting and financial advisory services in Northern Cyprus.

We respond to clients' complex business challenges with flawless service across industry sectors and national boundaries.

Represented in 50 countries by more 100 offices and some 2000 partners and staff. 

We aim to build long term professional
relationships with clients that enable us
to understand the full picture


When we seek advice, we want
someone with vision, insight to
understand our point of view and
foresight to understand
where we want to go

Pragmatic advice and solutions
derived from a thorough understanding
of our clients’ needs


We are represented in 43 countries by more than 50 member firms with 100 offices and some 2000 partners and staff.

Due Diligence

We provide due diligence services for acquisitions, disposals and public and private offerings. Our services checks that the target company (accounts, organisation and activities) is all that it claims to be and ensures that the purchaser does not acquire unknown liabilities.


Parker Randall LLP is active in property matters for both the public and private sectors. We provide a wide variety of services encompassing audit, accounting, tax advice, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and consulting. By working with a number of third parties we can extend the range of solutions we offer to the property and construction sectors very widely.

Corporate Finance

Whether your business is a relatively new and small venture or a long established, larger company our corporate finance team is keen to provide the appropriate corporate finance advice and services.

Starting a Business

It is the ambition of many people to run their own business. In recent years this dream has become a reality for some made redundant, whilst others may decide to start up in business to be more independent and to obtain the full financial reward for their efforts. Whatever the reason for considering setting up in business, a number of dangers exist.

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